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Why a Educational Institution with the name C2i?

Many institutions and colleges bear names of famous persons. The organization’s founder, generous financial backers, venerated religious figures, famous historical characters, members of royalty, present-day political leaders, and esteemed professors or other leaders connected to the institution are just a few examples of namesakes. If that is not used , then usually the Town or City indicate the University or College name. In the post modern era we think differently. A new paradigm, breaking from tired conventions borne in the Victorian age is upon us. We are marching towards a Smart City and a futurescape based on function, functionality and performance. Control Systems, Communication Systems and Information Systems are the backbone of a society wishing to remain at the so called cutting edge of development. The relentless organizational and technological transformation that characterizes the new economy that is emerging is unstoppable. Workers will continue to pick up new technology and become adept at new skills. Organizations go through a perpetual flow of outsourcing, reorganizing, partnering, merging, and splitting. Thus our name is a set of symbols, signifying the crucial technologies of the emerging and future society. A new kind of name for a new kind of educational enterprise.

Training for a Brighter Future

National Space Centre , The United Kingdom
Vredenburg : Where C2I University is based

We are co-located internationally in the United Kingdom and also the scenic West Coast of South Africa. Our flagship Main Campus and R&D Laboratory will be built in Vredenburg. C2i International Training started from a needs based requirement of NeuroMorphoGenics Africa, a turnkey Engineering development concern, and has now developed into a wholly independent venture C2I Educational Holdings PTY (Ltd). Control, Communications and Information, the key elements of Megatech 2030, was seen as key features of the upskilling of the workforce in Africa the Middle East and Asia in order to keep ahead of the AI curve. C2I International Training, as an educational service provider, offer high quality degrees and training courses and services to individuals and organizations. We provide Professional Training in the fields of Engineering, Technology, Leadership and Management up-skilling.

Our prices are compatible and affordable, and we offer much of it in Cape Town and the West Coast, the most beautiful city and coast line in the Southern Hemisphere. If you so wish and the demand is sufficient we also offer training, onsite or in a city of your choice.* C2I operate according to ISO 10015:1999 /SANS 10015:1999 QM for Training , ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems, OHSAS/SANS 18001:2011 Occupational Health and Safety and ISO/IEC 17024 standards towards certification.

Offices based in : United Kingdom and Main Campus in South Africa

Main Campus building in Vredenburg

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